Master Program in Public Health (IKM), Udayana University is officially established stipulated upon Directorate General of Higher Education license No. 1772/D/T/2009. As a newly established program, Master Program of IKM administratively held on the coordination of Unud Postgraduate Program and coordinates itself with Faculty of Medical Science and Unud Public Health Program.

Education process according to Ministry of Education and Culture Decree in the Republic of Indonesia Number 232/U/2000, it is aimed to prepare the students in becoming part of the community that holds academic ability in applying and widely distributing science, technology, and art (IPTEKS) on its field. To improve national education, then Unud IKM Program developed master program education. In order to manage Unud Master in Public Health well, then the program is required to hold a clear education aim, curriculum, human resources, adequate means and facilities.


An excellent studies and education centre that can produce professional graduates in public health field, as well as contributing to continual healthcare development through fulfilling the three college responsibilities (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi).


In realizing the vision mentioned above, the following mission of master program in public health compiled:

  1. To carry out an excellent education in public health field in supporting the existence of excellent graduates in Master (S2) qualification, ability in findings, develop and apply science, technology, and art (IPTEKS).
  2. To carry out development research of IPTEKS in supporting a professional education in public health and continual development of healthcare.
  3. To manage the active role of Master (S2) Program in IKM during healthcare development through public health performance that based upon the latest IPTEKS, and aligned to the community needs.

Graduates Title

Those who have completed Master Program in Public Health and fulfilled the requirements given, have the right to the title of Master in Public Health, abbreviated M.Kes. This title is written at the end of a name.